About us

We, the company ISW GmbH, founded in 1997, are an experienced manufacturing company in the field of tank, steel and pipeline construction. We are specialized in the production of thermal oil boilers for the industry.

We have 35 employees, six of whom work in the office and the rest in production. Therefore we are a small company in the German middle class. The craft is very close to our heart, which is why we want to pass on our knowledge and therefore offer an apprenticeship as a plant mechanic specialising in pipe system technology.

We are a certified specialist welding company and work with various welding processes. Our trained welders are highly qualified and weld WIG 141, MAG 135/136, E-welding 111 and Orbital 141 V.

All production work takes place on an area of 5000m2. Next to our production halls there is a 550m2 paint shop and blasting shop. There we can process and coat surfaces to temper them. We blast with steel shot, glass bead and ceramic bead. Due to the size of the halls we have the possibility to blast containers up to 7m in length, 4m in diameter and weighing up to 10t. Due to our equipment in the paint shop we are able to process parts carefully, but at a reasonable price. We are also happy to make this know-how available to private customers.